Little 34306 🥰

"Little" and "34306" meaning?

"34306" actually come from a random number when I pick it from my first web game I had played. It has a lot of meaning to me (first is that I can create an account and give that character name without thinking what should I choose, just 34306 or Little 34306, every single game have that name (you can try) is mine).

"Little" means "小" (xiǎo) mean young, it comes from a manga, where the main character named "小九" (Little Nine).

I'm currently a student at HUST (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam)

I also making some game cheats (on iOGSGods). You can find me here by my name.

I know a little bit about theos or making tweaks, just a few tweak that I can made by my self, most of them are help from my teacher @fahlnbg.

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